Our Mission

Acknowledging China’s current social issues including:

  • Absence of efficient and prompt emergency care system
  • Significant lack of medical providers and facilities for emergency care
  • Survival rate of cardiac arrest extremely low for out-of-hospital in tier 1 cities
  • Less than 1% of Chinese population with first aid/AED/CPR skills and knowledge
  • Lack of trust among people to help each other in case of emergency

First Respond aims to empower individuals and businesses to have the right knowledge and skills to practice first aid and to promote "mutual aid" as a new Chinese social norm.

Our Impact

As of 2016.12.31

# of people we have trained

> 90,000

# of events we covered


# of runners we covered


# of lives we have saved (event)


% success rate (cardiac arrest)


# of volunteers

Find more about our full B Impact Report below:

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